«Finally at home!»

About us - vivires

Surrounded by high mountains and beautiful lakes, we offer our team in Zurich a top working environment - the fresh air and lots of chocolate drives us every day to develop the best real estate portal in Spain. We combine Spanish passion for design with Swiss precision and quality!

The uncompromising transparency of vivires is unique – You’re gonna love it! Together with real estate and industry experts, we continuously redefine things and implement ideas by using bleeding edge technology. Thanks to vivires’s focus on profound simplicity, finding a new home has never been such a refreshing experience.


Our vision and values

We are Spanish at heart and global in mind
We provide joyful simplicity; collaboration is our core
We dream big, but we aim higher
We embrace and inspire change
We are transparent, reliable and fair – embodying quality through creation – always



We keep things clean, simple and visually stimulating for the user without giving up on sophisticated features and functionality.


We share our knowledge and provide valuable guides about housing, financing and markets. We always share our work in progress and love to get feedback early and often.


We apply our expertise of the real estate industry to develop a crispy service proposition. We connect seekers and advertisers and actively create a balance between supply and demand.


Our prices are visible and transparent to everyone. Customers pay only for what they need - we provide different packages which will fit our clients needs.


We care about quality – because quality is a valuable good. Our advertisements contain precise information, will be reviewed and only released if they meet our quality standards


We stay “cutting-edge”. We use newest technology to create new experiences and impressions as well as to keep your data save.



Time for a coffee? Drop us a line if you have any feedback or questions. We would be glad to hear from you!



We will keep you updated on new exciting topics about real estate and furnishing in our blog.